Airport Rental Car Concession Agreements

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  • 11 Settembre 2021

The contract should determine whether the fees can be passed on to customers and whether the fees can be displayed. See CRP-CD-81 (attached), Annex to Chapter 2, Concession Agreements, for excerpts from the IAH Car Rental Agreement. 2.7.11 Land leasing In addition to concession fees, airports may charge lease car operators of leased land an annual fee per square foot, which is levied monthly. The price per square foot should be based on the type of area and related costs that the airport must cover for space. Among the typical rental spaces for rental cars include: ⢠Service Counters. Switch positions in terminal areas used for customer service. – Does not have a phone. Used instead of or in addition to service counters in the ground transport areas of the terminal. ⢠Ready/Return Lots. Place where customers can pick up and drop off vehicles for rent. For the convenience of the customer, it is preferable to have the prefabricated and return land in easily accessible car parks, thus reducing the need for shuttles or other modes of ground transport between the passenger terminals and the guard and return points. ⢠Quick-Turnaround zones.

Usually for car washing and refueling, but no difficult maintenance. service center. Maintenance and transport services. 2.7.12 Consolidated entities The current trend is to consolidate the car rental activity in an area that can be a parking lot for endless and return people or a building located near the terminals. Custody and return tickets are usually separated from the service centers in the collection company. 2.7.13 Calculation and presentation of the customer The Customer Facility Charge (CFC) may be introduced by regulation of the local jurisdiction or be linked to a bond issue to finance the construction of new car rentals. The document governing the CFC can be referenced in a section of the car rental agreement and it can be documented with related bond issues in separate agreements (e.g.B. Special Facility Leases). . . .