Austen Morgan Belfast Agreement

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  • 12 Settembre 2021

It is available on the internet on a page dedicated to 7 There is only one difference from the Irish Government`s version (with the exception of the existence of the Irish text of the proposed Irish constitutional amendments): to Annex B of the constitutional questions in the latter, the date of the BIA (10 April 1998) has been added. This difference applies to the Irish language version in Northern Ireland, which means that there is a formal inconsistency between the two UK versions marketed in Northern Ireland. The difference was corrected in the March 1999 version of the Blue Book. 8 Cm 3883 has been added to paragraph 2 of the Validation, Implementation and Verification of the Mitchell Project section. 9 This is the same as cm 3883 with two differences: the MPA was attached to the BIA (and is structured as follows: BIA, pp. 1-6). MPA [Appendix 1], pp. 7-43; Appendix 2, p. 44); The layout has been improved, with each section starting on a new page. 10 The numbered pages refer only to Annex 1 (pp. 1-42).

11 This is similar to the version of the MPA with the BIA in the annex, published in July 1998 in Volume XXXVII, point 4, of the International Legal Materials. . . .