Charter Agreement Yacht

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  • 14 Settembre 2021

Payments: The charterer undertakes to charter the yacht and pays the charter fees and all other costs agreed with the means indicated in this agreement. COVID-19 The charter party must be sure that it has followed safe social distancing practices at least in the last 4 weeks and is in good health. If, for any reason, the charterer is not sure that he is in good health, he must notify the captain. In addition to the fuel costs listed below, plus food and drink are needed for the charter party, sleeping costs out of Greek waters, communication fees and local taxes. 6.2.3 In the event that the owner is able to charter the vessel for all or part of the charter period, the owner will credit the net amount of the charter rent resulting from the new charter up to the value of the balance. The owner shall make every reasonable efforts to re-charter the vessel and may not refuse to give consent to the relocation, although charters that can reasonably be considered harmful to the vessel, its reputation or its timing may be refused. A complete guide to understanding chartered documents ventilation or disability: If the yacht is deactivated after delivery at any time by machine failure, grounding, collision or other causes to avoid proper use of the yacht by the charterer for an uninterrupted period of 24 hours or more, then (unless such loss of use is caused by an action, Negligence or omission of the charterer in which the owner is entitled to compensation for damages, etc. by the charterer) is reimbursed at the expiration of the 24 hours lost or, if agreed, the charter period is extended. After the expiry of the 24-hour lost time, if the charterer agrees, the owner will replace the yacht with at least one similar or better vessel. If the charterer decides to cancel the remainder of the charter period, the landlord will reimburse the rental fee in proportion to the unused period. 13. DRUGS AND OTHER ILLICIT ACTIVITIES: The consumption, transport or possession of illicit drugs or narcotics (including MARIHUANA) or other contraband or any other illegal activity is strictly prohibited. Participation in any of these activities by CHARTERER or a guest of the Party constitutes a violation of the Charter and constitutes grounds for immediate termination of this agreement without refund of payments made by charterer.

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