Collin College Articulation Agreement

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  • 15 Settembre 2021

May 24, 2016 – Officials from Collin College and Texas A&M University-Texarkana recently signed an agreement forming a partnership that will benefit students seeking a bachelor`s degree in applied arts and science and biotechnology. If you click on a school below, you get the Equivalency Guide (Equivalency Guides are only available for Texas Community Colleges): the MSU Admissions Office makes the first determination of portability based on the accreditation of the transferable institution and the comparability of course work. The equivalency guides show how courses are transferred from the two-year university to the SSM and are updated annually. Course equivalents are subject to change without notice. No more than 69 semester lessons, including activity courses in kinesiology, can be used by a Community College for a course (except RN/BSN, BSRS and BSRC) at Midwestern State University. The BAAS degree welcomes and accepts military course work, associate degrees, and virtually all university credits – regardless of age, which is sometimes not possible with more traditional graduation plans. March 07, 2018 – Collin College and Hardin-Simmons recently signed an articulation agreement that allows Collin College students to transfer college classes to Hardin-Simmons University. The university accepts up to 66 credit hours by collin College students. The final transfer work is subject to approval by the university registrar. To see the selection of college classes that are transferred to Hardin-Simmons University, Collin College`s TransferU office welcomes this partnership with Hardin-Simmons and is seeking partnerships with other four-year institutions to facilitate student transfer.

Transferability of classes to Texas Colleges or University Courses that are in texas Common Core should be transferred to any Texas State College or university. Students should inquire before translating the transferability of courses into their main subject. Collin College serves nearly 52,000 credit and training students each year and offers more than 100 degrees and certificates in a wide range of disciplines. Collin College, the only public college in the county, is a partner for the economy, government and industry and offers tailored training and workforce development. In addition, the university manages the Collin Center for Higher Education, which annually welcomes an additional 3,300 students in partnership with the University of Texas at Dallas, Texas Woman`s University, Texas A&M Commerce, Texas Tech and the University of the North Texas.As a member of the Texas A&M University System, Texas A&M University Texarkana is a comprehensive regional university, academically demanding students, integrate and reward educational experiences through quality teaching, scholarships, student support services, co-curricular programming, research and service. . . .