Teachers Enterprise Agreement South Australia

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  • 13 Aprile 2021

Marshall`s Liberal government welcomed a decision by the Board of Directors of the Australian Education Union to unanimously approve the government`s offer of an agreement between the companies, which must be part of teachers, principals and preschool principals for their members` vote, which I hope will settle the long-running wage dispute. Teachers who organize evening classes should not have given a course and an evaluation in the morning after an evening class, unless there is an agreement between the teacher… and the Director of Education. “This is a positive step forward and the government hopes this will lead to a reasonable solution to our enterprise negotiations negotiations, which include exceptionally fair and reasonable wage increases, and also provides more support and support to teachers in the classroom. Among the employees eligible for this provision are teachers, AEWs, SSo,… Teachers on teacher conditions. To access this provision, you must complete a staff statement and make it available to your general manager. The government`s initial offer in June of this year included 1.0% of the first 2.35% increase for teachers, which dates back to October 2018. This revised offer brings the amount of the first salary increase to 1.35%, which dates back to October 2018. In return, there will be greater flexibility in human resource management and some more reasonable rules for the teacher allocation system in rural schools. The government has increased its offer of a “complexity premium” for schools by $3 million per year, from $12 million to $15 million. Each school receives funding to help teachers cope with their workload with students with complex needs, for example through the recruitment of additional teachers or assistants and the costs of expert assistance. On average, schools receive $29,469 per year (and up to $158,914 per year), with schools deciding on their funding.

“We welcome the fact that the AEU executive voted unanimously in favour of the government`s approval of its members` revised offer to vote,” Lucas said. We told them that the permanent teachers who, since January 1, 1990, have accumulated five years or 1035 days of service and have held leadership positions of key teachers, Group A or Group B leaders, seconded teachers or a combination of teachers who have not been appointed to such positions, have been classified and… Key teacher level. (See Enterprise Agreement 2020, page 76, Schedule 3 clause4.2,) Increased salaries by 2.35% per year for teachers and 3.35% for principals and preschool principals, and wage increases until May 2022. Article 4.13.5 of the Enterprise Agreement reads: “A period of fixed-term leave is granted to an eligible SSO, AEW or ECW, which has been requested or required and operates during the 10th week of the 4th week. If leave is not available without delay, the officer is paid the regular rate of pay for the work done this week. If you are taking continuing training and vocational training outside the normal 37.5-hour school hours (36.26 for preschool teachers), you do not need to go to kindergarten or school in week 10 of the fourth semester.