Bc Assessment Cupe Collective Agreement

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  • 12 Settembre 2021

BC Assessment`s mandate for consistent and fair assessments is reflected in the constitution of our institution, one of the objectives of which is as follows: the provisional agreement includes approximately 700 people who, in the areas of assessments, assessment management, real estate inventory collection, communications, finance, information technology and data services at 15 sites across the province, including the Victoria Headquarters, 1995, 1995 With the mandate to establish and maintain consistent real estate valuations throughout the BC, approximately 95% of real estate is valued at market value on July 1 of each year. The remaining 5% is valued on the basis of statutory rates. Our Union, CUPE Local 1767, was also founded in 1974 and brings together evaluation professionals under one provincial premises, the only other being BC Ambulance and Paramedics.