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  • 12 Aprile 2021

The unregord sales contract is unenforceable in court. The purchase contract on stamp paper is valid. Non-valid registration fees Validity of the agreement for sale When implementing the technical control of ships and offshore facilities, The registry is managed by the following RS normative documents and governed by applicable international conventions, codes, agreements, national requirements of the flag state MDAs: See the agreement not registered for sale can be considered as evidence of the transaction and the agreement not registered for sale, as it could be in a lawsuit for a defined benefit and be admissible in terms of evidence with respect to Dies. The non-registered sale agreement can form the basis of the legal action of a defined benefit and serve as evidence of the contractual agreement or partial performance of a contract. The agreement is valid in 100 Rs stamp paper and even if it is not done on stamped paper, it is valid. In fact, even a verbal sales agreement is legally applicable. Plan a 15-minute call with a lawyer. It`s fast, simple and confidential! You can decide the matter wisely because you are the best judge of the situation. ACUS measurement of the wave/head.

It is carried out within the time frame set by RS based on the design of the houlomoule/main ACUS and must be established to determine that the technical condition of the ship`s rod, propeller, CPC pitch change mechanism and the ship`s main active control units (ACUS) is in compliance with the requirements. Annual survey. The aim is to determine that the vessel meets the requirements to maintain the class at an adequate level and to verify the operation of mechanisms, devices and facilities that meet the requirements of the classification and construction rules of sea vessels. The Continuous Investigation System (SSC), which consists of dividing into individual surveys a volume of the survey corresponding to a volume of the special survey for class renewal, the full investigation cycle being carried out during the period for which the class was assigned or renewed. Incorrect and unenforceable in court. Run it on at least 500rs. Stamps and leave it notorious at least. 2) If Builder r refuses to execute the deed of sale, then you can file a complaint against the owner in front of the consumer forum and seek orders to the sales company to deliver property ownership to you The terms and conditions for the provision of services by the Russian Maritime Navigation Registry Any document containing a monetary transaction may be registered before the Registrar, otherwise the same cannot be obtained by you and the owner could take this defense in court of an unregulated document. You need a letter from the seller`s mortgage bank. In this letter, it should be said that the bank will unlock the original real estate securities after finalizing the full and final account of the seller`s loan outstanding. You can give the rest of the money to the seller if the papers are unlocked. Note that the banks indicate a date within which you must make the full and final settlement.

Occasional polls. investigations into the re-establishment of the RS class for a vessel, the decommissioning of a vessel or its commissioning after decommissioning, during emergency conservation and commissioning, in the event of vessel immobilization by port authorities, in the case of a tug voyage, due to changes to the vessel`s class classification, use; Type, subtype, navigation zone, increase of the number of people on board, etc., in case of temporary inability to meet the requirements set by the rules, in the event of the introduction of new RS or IC requirements for vessels in service, in the event of design changes, devices, equipment and supply vessels that have not been agreed with the registry, modernization or redevelopment of vessels or parts of vessels without authorization and without technical supervision by the registry, in the event of a change in registration, name, flag and authorization.