Sap Scheduling Agreement Output

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  • 12 Aprile 2021

Yes, it is possible with a different type of output. Set up the new type of output for the email and try to do so. You can`t use a type of output for EDI and email. Hello everyone, I found the solution myself, so I post it here:If you publish your delivery plan for the delivery plan, z.B. CODE ME84 and output is kind and distributed, but in Del. Sch. remains the status of the latest “Yellow” version you keep Shell SPRO in: Mngmnt Materials -> Purchase -> News -> output control -> Types of messages -> Set message types for release/expediter planning, then run Fine-Tuned Control: Forecast Delivery/Expediter. There you have Shell Check the box to see for operation 9/A and the output you use for versions. It worked for me.

Greetings,Tomek Check if you`ve made the setting to create a new edition every time the SA Sch line is released. spro – Materials Management – Purchasing – News – Exit Control – Packaging Tables – Definition of the condition table for the delivery plan – Table 503 created (for boxes Type of purchase order and kreditor) and Table 504 (for the type of purchase) I need help in kind for determining a delivery plan. I have problems with the delivery plan (LPA type). I have a delivery plan in place, and I have maintained the schedule by executing the layout. The calendar can be maintained and I can run the version (generate the SA version for FRC and JIT). The publication has been directly documented (I can see it when SA`s delivery plan is displayed) and I can also print it… The problem is that the state of SA`s output documentation is always yellow (there is already information for this). As a result, the version number of this SA is still blocked at point 1, although changes in the content of the expression have taken effect (the output of the ranking line has been changed because the GR consumes SA e.V. or impact on the execution of the provision).

The delivery plan is established. After the planning lines are updated, the corresponding requirement is communicated to the creditor via the EDI process. The identification of exits is carried out using the output media under the term “EDI.” Here, for any change in quantity or other details related to the delivery plan, the seller must be informed of the same possibility using other means (e-mail or fax) as the EDI. At the time of creation, the search for messages is carried out through the EDI. This requires maintaining the conditions for determining expenditure. In this case, it is possible to issue changes to the delivery plan via another support to the creditor. Can you give some indication of that requirement? spro – Materials Management – Purchasing – News – Exit Control – Access Sequences – Key Sequence to Define Delivery Plan: . . Take a closer look at the analysis of the Oracle database with expert Click here to see a free dan Hotka white paper! `` No redistribution. You already have an active moderator warning for this content. Hello YOSEA, Can you explain how you solved your problem with yellow status? I`d be very happy to know!BR, Tomek.

Now, when I do an SA and I go to the news, Media 1 is always chosen with time 1. So it seems that my customizing settings are not taken into account. Purchasing device type: LP, VN function, Medium 2, Time 4 The three Tcks of the deterrence procedure must be checked. . Btw…. We solved here our problem for its version…. thx all for your child to worry about this case, . If you have an answer to this question, use the “Your Answer” form at the bottom of the page instead. . Can you explain the difference between JIT and FRC? In theory, I know that JIT will tell the seller that we want the hardware we entered to be delivered, but what about FRC? Why do we have these two functions here? Didn`t SA tell this supplier that the equipment we have already seized in SA must be delivered? The main difference may be in the aggregation scale and horizon; JIT deals with more spesific time when