The Nato Status Of Forces Agreement

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  • 11 Ottobre 2021

1956: Agreement on the Status of United States Personnel in Mongolia. The language of the agreement states that “the military authorities of the United States have the right to exercise in Mongolia all the criminal and disciplinary jurisdiction over the United States conferred upon them by the military laws of the United States. All crimes against the laws of Mongolia committed by a member of the United States The armed forces are referred to the competent authorities of the United States for investigation and injunction. 23 The agreement authorizes the Government of Mongolia to request the United States to waive jurisdiction in cases of alleged criminal conduct that has nothing to do with official duty.24 The United States is not required to relinquish jurisdiction, but only to “give favourable consideration” to such a claim,25-1954, the United States and the Republic of Korea entered into a mutual defense treaty.86 As part of the treaty, countries agree to try to reach an agreement. 87 Article IV of the Treaty confers on the United States `the right to dispose of it . . .