The firm

Founded by lawyers boasting consolidated professional experience, the practice areas of the Ambientalex law firm focus on the various sectors of environmental and energy law.

One of the inspiring principles of the Ambientalex law firm is to prevent any conflicts or disputes arising by virtue of accurate and expert advice, and wherever possible, also taking into consideration any legislation about to be issued. That is why the firm conducts its business primarily on an extra-judicial basis, providing customised ad hoc services and solutions which include, where appropriate, legal counselling and consultancy services.

Clients of the Ambientalex law firm include Italian and foreign multinational companies, trade associations, in addition to other law firms.

In order to ensure its clients receive the most comprehensive and expert services, the firm also works with external consultants with proven experience in the specific areas concerned.

The Ambientalex law firm has offices in Milan, Rome and Florence.

Business is conducted in Italian, English, French and German.

Top Legal ha classificato Top Legal has rated the Ambientalex law firm
as a “Leading player with widespread recognition” in the Environmental – Administrative Sector.