Ermanno Fonderico

A graduate in economic sciences and law; he is qualified to practise as a certified accountant and auditor.

He was a member, as an expert, of the Studies Commission appointed by the Minister of Finance for the reorganisation of tax concessions and exemptions (D.M. Fin. 14.09.90).

He was a member of the Commission for the validation of sector studies upon designation 10 November 1998).

Ermanno has held various corporate positions as Board member and President of companies including the financial sector, as well the statutory auditor and chairman of the boards of statutory auditors (currently he is the chairman of the Hydro Aluminium Slim S.p.a. board of statutory auditors).

In his capacity as vice president of the Commission of direct taxes and extraordinary transactions within the Order of Chartered Accountants and Commercial Experts in Rome until 2012, he coordinated the working group “Tax effects of the IAS”.

In addition to having published articles and case notes in major legal journals, he is the author of various items for the Treccani Legal Encyclopaedia and UTET, the Italian Tax Guide.

He has taken part as a speaker in various conferences and has held various positions as a professor in courses and master degree programmes in his own specialist areas with Italy’s main institutes and universities.

Ermanno speaks Italian and English.